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Encoding, Decoding and Culture

morse code per wikipediaImagine being a human 100 years ago. Or a thousand, or even ten thousand years ago. Even though it is probably normal to dismiss the thoughts and concerns of by-gone generations I would dare say their life was just as important to them as ours is to us. Through letters, drawings and other miscellaneous graffiti they recorded their world. We have what has survived to decode and compare with our seemly important lives. And we too record. But in our time we not limited to the traditional mediums of the past but also to the digitally encoded work we do. I wonder if the software we write today will be around 100 years from now? Or a thousand?

Hello Django

my eclipse with djangoThe more I work with Python, the more really love the language. After over a year of being a this being a dead Drupal site, I taught myself (well I should say thanks to all the people who provided documentation across the Internet) Django. You are now looking at my efforts. If you are so inclined I even posted it on my github repository. Hopefully I am not opening myself up to evil hackers.

Florida Real Estate Real Cheap

florida trailerI think there needs to be a clever term for blogs that suddenly stop being current. Maybe something like ghost blogs or something.

I am including for your viewing pleasure a fine winter home for those seeking a rustic rust bucket complete with all the Florida nature you can use.

Commercial Versus Creative Programming

vrml coasterOne thing that has helped me become more focused in the craft of thinking in code is the ability to compartmentalize commercial programming versus creative programming. Each have their own place and can live together. I think people who have been involved with the technology industry in some capacity understand that work is work and other things are other things.

Playing With Probabilty

will it rain?Yesterday I started a page of pure JavaScript Internet art compositions, with the first titled Will It Rain? Odd medium the Internet.

Those of us next door to the Everglades understand the every afternoon thunderstorm and how it dramatically unfolds across the sky. The concept of the percentage of probability of rain slips into our unconsciousness as we feel the implications of the math rather than simply measure with it.